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Clinton Baptiste – Roller Ghoster!

Pump House Theatre & Arts Trust

Clinton Baptiste, the hopeless clairvoyant medium psychic from C4's Phoenix Nights previews his new UK tour "Roller Ghoster!".  He tells us about his background, his preparations for the tour and gives his spooky readings to the audience. All proceeds from these previews go to the Pump House.

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Suggested: Suggested: 16+
Contains adult language Contains adult language
World premier World premier

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Alex Lowe is a resident in Watford who has worked at the Pumphouse many times often as Barry from Watford, a character he has played on TV and radio.   He is directed as his character Clinton Baptiste from C4's Phoenix Nights by Brendan O'Hea, who recently published a book co written with Judi Dench called Shakespeare - The Man Who Pays The Rent.  


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