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Ni Mi Madre

Christopher Knight

Pump House Theatre

An over-the-top Brazilian woman with too much botox scrambles to raise her queer son in a backwards American culture where children get “time outs” instead of chancletas. A tour-de-force, NI MI MADRE delves deep into the makings of an immigrant family as they deal with the secrets that tear them apart and the unbidden memories of a buried past. This riotous Obie Award winning show is inspirited with the music of Gloria Estefan, Cher, Maria Bethânia, and the heart of Umbanda ritual.

Performance Details
Genre: Genre: Theatre
Date: Date: Sun 28 Jul 2024
Time: Time: 7.00pm
Duration: Duration: 65 mins
Full Price: Full Price: £10

Suggested age suitability: Suggested age suitability: 12+

Other performance date and times may be available. Check Whats on section for full list


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