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Watford African Caribbean Association

Watford African Caribbean Association

Pump House Theatre

The Watford African Caribbean Association invites you to an Evening of Celebration, where we have a jam packed evening, full of captivating and comedic performances, awards and entertainment!

Hosted by Geoff Schumann, one of the leading African Caribbean comedians in the UK, we will be not only announcing the winners of our new Community Awards but also have an exciting lineup including comedy from Mr Geoff Shumann himself, acclaimed poet Alex Williams, renown International storyteller Alim Kamara and an exurberant performance from Masihi Arts!

Performance Details
Genre: Genre: Music, Dance & Physical Theatre, Events & Film
Date: Date: 30 Mar 2024
Time: Time: 7.00pm
Duration: Duration: 180 mins
Full Price: Full Price: £5
Concession Price: Concession Price: £3

Suggested age suitability: Suggested age suitability: Family friendly any age

Other performance date and times may be available. Check Whats on section for full list


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